Raw material

Embedded in the heart of Ticino, we have access to many fresh and genuine raw material that the Alps offer and which we select carefully to create our recipes. Cooperating with suppliers that are implementing sustainable agriculture practices is a must for us. We firmly believe that transparency in the whole supply chain is the key to connect people and food, allowing an integrative approach to food quality.

Eco-friendly packaging

We choose to use recycled cardboard-based packaging for all of our pasta and ready-meals, reducing plastic use drastically. A tiny step for the wellbeing of our planet, but a huge step for the food industry which still mainly based on oil-based plastic Our trays are recycled and recyclable, while still guaranteeing the highest food safety standards and shelf-life.

Organic certification

Early 2022, some of our products received the federal organic certification CH-Bio, a great milestone for our family business which aspires to expand its organic assortment more and more. We strongly identify with the practice of integrating organic into all food processes as the best means of fostering resource cyclicity and promoting ecological balance. This certification brings greater transparency to consumers on the values that have been implemented throughout the production process.

Social impact

Last but not least, we pledge to put people in the front light of every production step. We believe that creating a diverse, interesting and respectful working atmosphere is an efficient way to make people thrive and give the best of themselves. We regularly offer internships to young students and work since many years with local entities that supports the inclusion of people with disabilities, achieving thus a diverse workforce which is socially, culturally and gender balanced.