Pastificio Di Lella 50 anni
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Fresh Pasta

Pastificio Di Lella 50 anni

Durum wheat pasta

Bronze cut

This special pasta-making technique is typical of artisanal workshops and increases the porosity of the pasta, making it perfect for holding onto ingredients and exalting a robust sauce. It’s also vegan-friendly ― there are no eggs used in our durum wheat pasta production.

We use different flours from local mills to make a variety of shapes that are tasty, delicate but resistant, and come in a range of colours: red from tomato, green from spinach, pink from beetroot, yellow from saffron…


Egg Pasta

Inherited from historic Italian pasta makers, our recipes for egg pasta haven’t changed in decades.

Always authentic and always delicious, starting with fresh Swiss eggs, our egg pasta has been delighting palates of young and old for 50 years.


Our fresh pasta