Pastificio Di Lella 50 anni


Cappellacci fatti a mano alle erbette fresche (EN)

CHF 18.50

280-300 g (6 pezzi)

Pasta fresca a base di farina di grano duro e uova svizzere, farcita con erbe fresche e ricotta. Formato cappellaccio fatto a mano.

Allergeni : glutine, uova, lattosio

Salsa raccomandata : crema di formaggio, verdurine saltate



Un ripieno semplicissimo e molto leggero a base di prezzemolo, origano, maggiorana e menta per un tocco di freschezza. Il modo più semplice di gustare un buon raviolo è proprio questo: un’ottima ricotta e una manciata di erbe fresche per darli una ragione di essere.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
  • What happens if I don’t send the insulated box back?

    If you haven’t sent the box back within 30 days, you will first receive a reminder, and in case of non-return, you will be billed CHF 45.- .

  • How to send back the insulated box?

    Inside the box you will find an envelope containing a self-adhesive sticker with a bar-code.

    Once you have emptied the box, you simply have to place the label on the insulated box and deliver it directly to the postman or drop the package at a Swiss Post Office at a later time.

  • What is the recommended amount of ravioli / gnocchi / pasta per person?

    The recommended amount in grams per person varies according to the type of dish you want to cook (main dish, first course or side dish) and what is it served with. 

    The quantity usually calculated per person and for a main dish is: 150g-200g of ravioli, 200g-250g of gnocchi and 100g-150g of fresh pasta.

  • What happens if I am not at home at the time of delivery?

    The products are packed in an insulated box that keeps them cool for up to 48 hours.

    In case of a planned absence of the recipient, the online service “My consignments” of Swiss Post offers two delivery options (under certain conditions, see deposit consignment (by the stairs / in the stairwell; by entrance to the house; at the letter box) and delivery to neighbors. 

    If you have missed a consignment you can collect the pack with the collection note in 24 hours at the Swiss Post indicated on the note.

  • Can I freeze the products?

    Yes, all products can be frozen without problem for a maximum of 3 months. Freezing doesn’t affect the quality nor the taste of the product.

  • How long can I keep the products in the refrigerator?

    Our products can be stored up to 5 days in the refrigerator at max. 5°C