Our ravioli are prepared only with durum wheat flour and fresh eggs. According to the creations of the Master Pasta Makers, the dough is also sometimes enriched with other types of flour each with specific nutritional characteristics such are buckwheat, spelt or kamut.


Simply made of potatoes and flour, our gnocchi are light and naturally vegan. We offer both traditional products and recipes with a creative and colorful twist. A classic recipe of our Pastificio that remained unchanged over the year. Simple and yummy!

Durum wheat & egg pasta

Made from the best durum wheat, our pasta can be enriched with different types of grains such as spelt, buckwheat or wholegrain, but also spices and vegetables, for a tasty colourful touch. We produce all possible shapes, according to the different culinary traditions of Italy. Our egg pasta recipes have remained unchanged over the decades. Made from fresh eggs and durum wheat, they are genuine and are perfect to cook. An optimal basis for a delicious meal at any time of the day!

Ready Meals

Our ready meals are fresh, tasty and convenient. They are perfect for all those who do not have time to cook but still would like to enjoy a healthy and complete dish.